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**Open** **J**son **A**pi **C**lient is a JavaScript library for REST API
discovery and connectivity using the [{json:api}]( and the
[Open Api]( (A.K.A. Swagger) specifications.
## About
OpenJAC is designed to support any api that complies with the JsonApi standard.
The current build adheres to v1.0 of the JsonApi standard. The basic api can be
initialized using supplied definitions or though an OpenAPI complaint api
specification. OpenAPI standards must comply with version 2.0 of the OpenAPI
## Additional Details
For OpenJAC to properly discover an API based on OpenAPI 2.0 specifications,
the API must provide additional mapping to allow linking of API paths to the
definition types. If the API does not provide this logic, the user will need to
provide the necessary code to complete the mapping.
*@TODO: Additional details required to extra api meta data.*
## Roadmap
The following tasks are planned as part of this project. Contributions or
assistance with these tasks is welcome.
1. Support for OpenAPI v3.0.*
2. Support for JsonAPI v1.1
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